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Since 2009 our team members have been trusted recruiting partners for our clients. Every day we are committed to solve our client’s recruitment challenges and help them to build world-class teams.

Hiring managers chose to work with us, because we DO know their market and DO understand the issues and challenges that they are facing.

Our search team consists of committed search specialists. We partner with successful organisations looking to attract exceptional talent. Talent with eXecutive Stature: Exceptional individuals, who separate from the rest – those who determine the success of a company by delivering outstanding performance and superior results.

Global network & local knowledge


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Our success is directly linked to our main three values.

Customer Commitment

We believe in putting emphasis on building long-term relations with our clients. We spend much time and effort into getting to know them inside out. We have become valued trusted advisors and true partners for our clients.

We are big enough to serve your needs across the globe, yet small enough to adjust to you.


We provide service that delivers premium value to our customers, with no exceptions!

Our talent pool is larger and deeper than our competitors. We never work with the direct competitors of our customers.

Personal Commitment

We challenge how recruitment is traditionally being delivered and provide a more enhanced, consultative client and candidate experience.

We will go the extra mile and deliver above expectations as this is how winning is done.

Our process

Our winning recruitment strategy consists of the following steps:

Step one  – discovery call

  • Discuss the role & requirements/department/culture
  • Complete needs analysis profile, determine suitable candidate’s DNA
  • Evaluate project
  • Align approach position / co-create project plans
  • Agree time scales and milestones
  • Assignment terms agreed and contract sent for signing

Step two – research

  • Research how and where potential top candidates will be identified. Market analysis
  • Identify possible key companies, target firms. Market mapping strategy applied
  • Script recruiting presentation
  • Talent mapping and sourcing tactics
  • Qualifying the potential targets – work towards an internal long list

Step three – candidate assessment

  • Contact each candidate from the created long list using effective techniques and methods  (>250 phone calls typically per search assignment – contacting candidates, references and our network to identify top talent)
  • Assessing candidate fit, aspirations, salary expectations and other important criteria
  • Cross-checking through references
  • Narrow down the list of potential candidates
  • Present and discuss short-list of most qualified candidates

Step four – interview stage

  • Prepare clients and candidates for interviews. Brief and coaching sessions
  • Debrief candidates and clients. Get feedback, uncover any concerns/reservations, manage expectations, confirm interest
  • Organise next steps – other interviews
  • Debrief candidates and clients.

Step five – offer stage

  • Assistance with offer process – present offer to candidate and secure verbal acceptance
  • Prepare candidate for resignation
  • Debrief candidate post-resignation and confirm start date
  • Get employment contract signed

Our commitment:

  • Providing ongoing support
  • Guarantee period
  • Reduce overall cost to hire
  • New employee retention up to 95%


Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Mechanical Engineering

IT Security and Cybersecurity

Industrial Automation

IT Software


Our search team has a track record of success in a number of industries. We take pride in the fact that we have completed 900 + hard-to-fill search assignments across diverse industries.

Executive Assessment

For assessment of executives and other employees in demanding positions we can offer MUDAI

MUDAI (Multi Dimensional Aptitude Inventory) MUDAI , developed by Systemic Management, has been used successfully for almost ten years. MUDAI is a scientifically based tool for the assessment of personality factors, performance tendencies, behavioral tendencies, interests, and drives. MUDAI is specially designed for the assessment of executives and other employees in demanding positions.
MUDAI is a valuable tool in employee selection, employee development (training), career planning advice, and team development. As a special feature, the assessment tool also provides information on learning and problem-solving styles. This is very useful when putting together a team for optimum performance, for instance.

In comparison to many other common tests, MUDAI is more complex, goes deeper, and forms an ideal interface between business management and psychology. Over 200 items measure 30 basic parameters, organized in six major dimensions: Problem Solving Behavior, Personal Competencies, Social Competencies, Leadership Behavior, and Customer Orientation. In addition, each of these six dimensions is broken down into three to four sub-dimensions.

Because of the complexity of the assessment tool, evaluation of the results is not fully automated. Each individual assessment is informed by the management diagnostics know-how of experienced psychologists. The result is outstanding accuracy of the information as relevant to the particular job profile. And because test-takers answer many different types of questions and a large number of items per parameters and do not have the option to go back to change their answers, MUDAI also largely eliminates the possibility of unintentional or deliberate manipulation (socially desirable responses).

Meet our team

Meet our founding partners.

Edgars Jermaks
Edgars Jermaks

Founder & Global Recruitment Consultant

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Jurryt Liefveld
Jurryt Liefveld

Founder & Global Recruitment Consultant

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Ksenija Kolesnikova
Ksenija Kolesnikova

Global Head of Research and Recruitment

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Leendert van den Beukel
Leendert van den Beukel

Managing Partner

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Global network

We are present in the Netherlands, Baltics, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria.
Xstature is also actively working with trusted partners across the globe. Contact us for all your international recruitment and assessments needs.

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